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WEBSEM is an internetmarketing-company specialized in ethical search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Web Analytics. WEBSEM follows the changes in this market very closely. We guarantee an efficient and profitable optimization of your website. With strong knowledge and experience we make your website a winner.



Audit Website and Define Objectives
First we do an in depth audit of your website:

  • the navigation structure,
  • the used technology,
  • the analysis of the meta data,
  • the content.

  • Then we define the audience for the optimal strategy.


    Define Relevant Keywords + Zero Measurement
    Comprehensive Keywordanalysis

    First we make a comprehensive keywordanalysis and then we define,toghether with the customer, which keywords the customer should focus on.

    Zero Measurement

    The Zero measurement report contains some relevant keywords,defined during the keywordanalysis process. In that report you will find the current keyword rankings in search results.


    Optimization Technique, Linkstructure and Content
    We recommend/optimize:
  • the source code
  • the navigationstructure
  • the linkstructure
  • the content.

  • 04.

    Link building
    Link building is an important factor for search engine optimization (SEO). During the link building process we determine, after the keywordanalysis, which links are requested for which keywords.

    Measuring Results

    Every month you will receive a detailed report with search engine rankings. Together we will evaluate the results and determine new actions.

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